Mansfield ECU Remapping
Mansfield ECU Remapping

Gain More Power!

More Torque!

Better MPG!

Performance And Eco Remapping

With A Full Money Back Guarantee

    ECU Remapping

    Let Us Breath A New Lease Of Life Into Your Tired And Flat Engine, Remapping Can Unleash Hidden Torque From Most Engines

    DPF Delete

    Problems With Your DPF? Give Us A Call To Find Out Working Solutions, 100% Guarantee No More Hassle!

    Engine Diagnostics

    We Are Authorised Autel Agents So Rather Than Guessing What The Issue Is Why Not Diagnose It Properly

    Fiance Available

    In Difficult Times We Realise That Money Is Tight! So Take Advantage Of Our Finance Options


    We remap your vehicle to give it a new lease of life!

    How do we do that? Well the process of vehicle remapping is fairly straightforward, all modern engine's rely on an ECU to run them, basically a computer that tells the engine what to do at a given time, however, nowadays manufacturers have learnt that they can easily offer different model 'power upgrades' for the same engine!

    This is where remapping comes in! We can download the computer image and with clever software, we can also see what the maximum that engine can deliver and what it's actually delivering! A few key strokes later and your engine will be delivering more power, torque and probably better MPG as well!

    Mansfield ECU Remapping
    Mansfield ECU Remapping
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    Ford Transit + 100nm

    125hp goes to 180hp

    VW 2.0L + 60nm

    140hp goes to 190hp

    Evoque + 60nm

    150hp goes to 190hp

    Ford Mondeo + 60nm

    140hp goes to 190hp

    Finance Available On Remapping Equipment!

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